Health Systems Post Office Project

Health Systems Post Office Project

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Health Systems Post Office Project

IT Officers from PING working on the Health Systems Post Office Project.

In the Health Post Office Project PING has developed an integration engine that allows the sharing of relevant information between disparate health information systems across Botswana. Currently there are over 20 separate health information systems being utilized by the Ministry of Health in Botswana and, although these systems contain vast amounts of data, there is no mechanism that allows these systems to share relevant synonymous data. Patient records are usually present on multiple systems and any changes made need to be manually entered on all systems where the record is present. Staff shortages, continuing cost inflation and service delivery create a need for more effective and efficient use resources through integrated service delivery models. The goal of the Health systems post office project is to integrate all health information systems in Botswana resulting in a more efficient and effective use of resources.

Stakeholders / Project Partners

Ministry of Health, ITECH, BOTUSA

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