About Us

Positive Innovation for the Next Generation (PING) is a youth led organization that implements health and youth related technology projects on the ground along with intensive high school-age and college IT mentorship programs. The organization is based out of Gaborone, Botswana but is starting to expand its projects out of Botswana into other African countries. PING’s goal is to help address health and development problems by simultaneously using technology in an innovative way and creating more problem solvers in the local population.

Although over the past decade many African countries have seen huge advances in technology and communications, the full potential of those advances have yet to be reached. In Botswana, a country with one of the highest cell phone densities on the continent (over 140%), some of the highest HIV and TB prevalences in the world and a dramatic shortage of doctors and other healthcare workers, our organization utilizes technology to increase the efficiency of existing interventions and to create innovative solutions for HIV/AIDS and otherhealth issues. To implement these strategies we have formed partnerships with the local Ministry of Health, the largest network service provider in Botswana(Mascom) and the largest IT company in the world, Hewlett Packard. These partnerships allow for our partners to participate in our study designs when we begin our technological interventions and to see the results first hand.

PING believes that this process of inclusion of the private sector, the government and a socially active core creates the greatest opportunity for lasting social change. In addition PING feels that this fusion of simultaneously running youth and health technology projects on the ground and passing on the skills needed to maintain and create these projects to Botswana’s young population results in PING endeavors being extremely sustainable. As PING technology projects expand out of Botswana PING is committed to ensuring that their mentorshipprograms expand as well.